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On 19th January 2011 Jordan Rice and mum Donna were laid to rest after losing their lives during flash flooding which had roared through the city of Toowoomba one week before.

Jordan has been hailed a hero after sacrificing his life to save his little brother - with his final words being “take my brother first”.

About us

Many of us across the world will remember with horror and great sadness the events of summer 2011 as a massive storm event unfolded across many parts of the Queensland state. For many months the rain just kept coming, eventually contributing to wide spread devastation and the tragic loss of many lives.

On the afternoon of the 10 January it took less than an hour for a tsunami-like wall of water to crash its way through the garden city of Toowoomba; sweeping away cars, inundating buildings and washing away entire streets. It was this episode and a chain of disturbing events that so tragically claimed the lives of both Donna and Jordan Rice.

To this day Jordans’ father John Tyson continues to receive messages of sympathy and support from across the world.

Jordan and Donna will never be forgotten. Despite the devastating grief that comes with losing half of your family, in 2013 John established The Jordan Rice Foundation in their honour. 

It’s been a hard battle but John has a burning determination for helping others who find themselves in similar circumstances to him. No-one should ever have to fall beside the wayside. 

John is supported by a small voluntary management committee who have been appointed to help administer the charity. 

Aims and Objectives 

Jordan Rice House

One of the our primary goals is to open a retreat – Jordan Rice House – firstly in Queensland where families who have suffered loss are able to take a much needed break in order to rest, recharge, reminisce and restore.

We aim to provide both professional and informal support both emotional and practical with the objective of getting families ready to face the world again. 

Jordan Rice House will create a private place for families to heal at their own pace, in an open and non-judgmental environment.  

First Responder Safety Programme

Another objective very close to our hearts is our First Responder Safety Programme. The objective of this programme is to raise awareness of disaster management and preparedness methods. We plan to roll the programme out via educational resources within our communities, focusing in particular on child safety. 

The Jordan Rice Foundation/Jordan Rice House Inc. - Registered Charity No. CH 2341 & IA 41020.