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Little Weedsy was Jordans’ nickname – he was shy, scared of water and the dark, a 'sook' we’d call him. How wrong were we.....

He stood to have the heart and courage of a lion! 

About Jordan

Jordan was a kind and gentle boy who loved his scooter, playing on his Play Station 3, expressing himself through his artwork, dancing and listening to his favourite rap music. 

When he thought he could get away with it, he'd spend hours in his dads shed at the far end of the back yard working on his own little secret projects.

Jordan very rarely spoke and was a trouble free child just content with his own company and happy for the hustle and bustle of family life to go on around him while he quietly observed. 

Take my brother first

It was early on a Monday afternoon when Jordan, mum Donna and little brother Blake set out across town to run some errands - just like many other families going about their business. It was raining that day, just as it had for weeks on end before. Donna stopped her car at a red light at the intersection of James & Kitchener Streets, here the car stalled. Although at this point there was only surface water on the road, little did they know that without warning, a torrent of water was about to strike through the heart of the intersection taking the lives of both Donna and Jordan in its wake. 

There were many brave civilian attempts to save Jordan and Donna however the water was just too angry, too fierce to save them all. Blake, aged just 11 who bared witness to this horrific scene was rescued by two men, Warren Mcerlean and Chris Skeehan. Blake had survived only as a result of their brave efforts and after Jordan had insisted that they take his brother first.

Spirit of the Anzac Award

In April of 2011 Jordan was awarded The Spirit of the ANZAC Award. The award is presented each year to a member of the community who demonstrates characteristics shown by the ANZACS. Toowoomba RSL Sub-branch president Lindsay Morrison said the decision to present Jordan with the award was unanimous. 

In order to receive the award, the recipient must show initiative, courage, honour, selflessness, mateship, personal sacrifice, perseverance or endurance.

“It is the first time we have presented a posthumous award and when Jordan Rice was nominated the decision was unanimous, he displayed all these qualities and payed the ultimate price,” Mr Morrison said.

We are so proud and believe that Jordan displayed each of these qualities and encapsulated precisely what the Spirit of ANZAC Award' stands for.